Tour Players know what it takes each week to reach their potential. They know that they have to invest in a well-rounded approach to their game so they can play on the weekend. You will learn what they know and how you too can train like them for the weekend. Our training is designed to help you overcome some of the biggest technical, fitness, and mental mistakes that are adding strokes to your rounds.

The Play Great Clinic is comprised of 3 training stations (Technical, Mental, Fitness/Nutrition) where groups of 4 golfers will rotate between stations on the driving range and on course! You will discover how to build a solid foundation to maximize your performance. The small group size enables each professional to address each golfer’s individual needs.

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Our Team

Andy Scott, PGA
Director of Instruction Andy Scott has the great ability to work successfully with golfers of all ages, providing instruction to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to tour players. Andy has coached 35 junior golfers to NCAA Golf Athletic scholarships and is currently working with Tour Player Chase Marinell. An extremely decorated instructor, Andy was recognized as PGA Teacher of the Year for the Southwest Florida Chapter in 2010, 2014 and 2015. In 2012, Andy was also awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year Award for the South Florida Section. Andy was also a previous recipient of the 2013-14 Golf Digest Best Teachers In Your State Award (30th in Florida).

Dr. Shannon Reece

Sports psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece of Training for Optimal Performance draws from her own experience as an elite athlete to guide others to become mentally tough and far-reaching towards their goals. Dr. Reece has previously worked alongside Dr. Bob Rotella and Peter Jacobson, and has more than two decades of experience in working with athletes.

Darin Hovis, ATC

Darin is a Florida licensed Athletic Trainer and is currently working towards his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Golf Medical & Fitness Professional and a Level 2 Junior & Power Coach. Darin is also Full Body Active Release Technique Certified.

Matt Gagnon, PGA

Matt is the Lead Instructor at the Andy Scott School of Golf, and is one of Southwest Florida’s up and coming instructors. In his first year with the Andy Scott School of Golf, Matt has already taught more than 1000 lessons! After graduating from the Professional Golf Management Program at Florida Gulf Coast University in 2013, Matt worked at a private facility in Fort Myers, developing numerous instructional programs for members and honing his teaching skills. Matt is currently the coach for Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers.

What to Expect

9:00AM – 12:00PM Teaching on Range

Golf Instruction Rotation: Understand the importance of strong fundamentals and work on your technique to tackle all aspects of your game.

Golf Mental Game Rotation: Set the Stage for Success on Every Shot: 4-step Pre-shot routine formula to simplify your thinking, get your head in “play” mode, and create a plan for every shot that leverages your strengths.

Golf Fitness/Nutrition Rotation: Begin with proper warm-up. Each player will go through a brief physical screen and we will begin to discuss the importance of the body-swing connection. Players will then go through 3-4 different exercises that will impact their games immediately.

12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch

1:00PM – 4:00PM

Golf Instruction Rotation (3 holes per group):

Head out on the golf course to transfer everything that you learned on the driving range to where it really matters! Develop stronger course management skills and ways to conquer the course.

Golf Mental Game Rotation (On Course):

Don’t let a Bad Shot Ruin Your Round – 2-part Post-shot routine formula to bounce back after a miss hit by training your Inner Caddy to behave like a scholar and not a critic to increase the probability of hitting the shots you want, not the ones you hope to avoid.

Golf Fitness/Nutrition Rotation (On Driving Range):

We will expand upon the principles of the morning, overview on-course nutrition, review the morning exercises, and demonstrate each player’s individual workout program on

30 Minute Wrap Up – Q&A at Clubhouse