Our Golf Philosophy

I believe that in order to be a successful teacher you must first have great communication skills and a true love to teach.  Without these two essential fundamentals, golf instruction will be unsuccessful. In addition, to become an exceptional instructor, I believe there are six important fundamentals.

  1. Understand how people learn

  2. Knowledge of different personality traits, and how each personality learns in their own unique way
  3. Expertise of the golf swing.  My philosophy of the golf swing is simplicity, solid set up, and finding a golf swing that fits the individual
  4. Knowledge in fitness and physical analysis to help the student understand what their bodies are capable of and the potential they might have with improvements to balance, strength, and flexibility
  5. Establish a solid student-teacher relationship.  (A relationship that is built on comfort, respect, and enjoyment through the students eyes)
  6. Develop common goals between student and teacher to produce an overall growth to practice habits, playability, and enjoyment of the game

Mission Statement:

My Goal is to enable golfers of every skill level to develop his or her game through simplicity, respect, and effective golf instruction.

I believe making the game easier and fun will bring new students to the game and create new excitement for the seasoned golfer.

During each lesson, students will be treated with care and concern for their self-esteem as well as their physical game’s improvement.  Students will learn swing concepts and fundamentals which will allow them to self-diagnose their problems and find solutions with their new understanding of the game.