The Lesson Tee…….
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Greenside Bunker Play:

The greenside bunker shot can be the most frustrating shot in golf if you are missing the critical fundamentals. I see many players cringe when they hit it into greenside bunkers because of their past failures such as hitting it way over the green or hitting four in a row with out getting it out of the bunker. It is easy to see how this could build some anxiety to your game. I have some great news for all of you!!!!! This is a much easier shot than we make it. You just need to know the secrets.

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Here are the secrets to hitting greenside bunker shots: Set Up: -Weight under feet should be 60% on lead foot 40% on trail foot. -Place the ball just ahead of center, slightly closer to the lead foot. -Dig feet into sand for stability.

Swing: -A bunker shot resembles a full swing not a chip shot. -Make an aggressive swing just like you would with an 8 iron in the fairway. -Hit the sand first before the ball and make a complete follow through like your full swing. (You don’t want to stop when the club hits the sand.) -Have some “attitude in the sand” explode through the sand!!!

Drills: “Attitude Drill” -Hit the sand with a full swing without a ball. -Try to get the sand to fly out of the bunker and on to the green. Explode the sand with some attitude to a full finish.

“Line Drill” -Draw a line in the sand about 5 feet long. -Place your feet on either side so the line until the line is in the middle of your stance. -Make a full swing and try to make part of the line disappear by hitting the sand. -Do this until you become comfortable hitting the sand with lots of acceleration.

“Dollar Bill Drill” -With a ball try to imagine a dollar bill lying under the ball and hit the dollar bill out from under the ball. Explode it out of there!!!

Until next time………see you on the lesson tee.