Chip Shot:

The chip shot mirrors the putting stroke, a one lever stroke. One lever means the wrists are not involved in the motion on both sides of the swing. The only difference is how you set your body up at the address position.

Set Up:

Set feet very close together almost touching no wider than a clubhead.

Move the center of the body toward the target applying at least 75% of the weight to the lead foot or foot closest to the hole.
Place the ball closer to the trail foot or the foot furthest away from the hole.

Place handle to the left (ahead of ball) or closer to the target, setting the impact position. (right handed player)

The trick is to get the ball on the ground as quickly as possible no matter what shot is in front of you. Using this philosophy you could use many different clubs to hit a chip shot from a putter all the way up to a fairway wood. The club selected should match the shot in front of you.

For example if you are in front of the green and there is ample smooth surface between your ball and the hole you can take advantage of the smooth surface. A lower lofted club would match this style of shot like a 5 or 6 iron. The other extreme would be if you are near the green and you have some rough to carry and no green to work with, you are now forced to carry the ball more in the air. A higher lofted club would match this style of shot such as a sand wedge or pitching wedge.

Remember the chipping motion should always mirror the putting stroke with no wrists involved, no matter what club you use to hit the shot. You will soon see how choosing a club to match the shot will greatly improve your short game.

The Lesson Tee….
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until nest time…..see you on the lesson tee.