Golf Balls

The Lesson Tee…… By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Do you use different golf balls during your round?

Think back through your last several rounds of golf and see if you can remember what type of golf balls you used during your rounds. Most golfers don’t worry about what type of golf ball they use. Their main concern is to have enough golf balls no matter the brand or name to make it through the round.

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What most of us don’t realize is playing random golf balls will affect your distance control, and feel on the golf course. Every style of golf ball will have a different reaction off the clubface that influences distance and spin rates. Here are a couple of good examples; I could hit my seven iron with ball A 160 yards and with ball B 150 yards with the identical swing and contact. The difference between these two balls may start to confuse the golfer on club selection during their round.

Also, a 10 foot putt with ball A rolls 12 feet and ball B rolls 9 feet with the exact same stroke. The difference between these two balls will make it difficult for the golfer to gauge how hard or soft to hit the putt. All balls have different characteristics and specific roles in our games. There are hundreds of different balls out there with different characteristics such as, soft covers, hard coves, high compression, low compression, one piece, two piece, low spin, high spin, etc……. the list goes on and on.

The real trick is finding a ball you like a stick with it regardless of price or brand name. Using the same ball allows the player to develop stable distance control with full swings and also greatly improves touch and feel with the short game. If you have questions in regards to what ball best suits your game contact the Golf Shop Professional Staff to help you with your selection.

Until next time………see you on the lesson tee.