First we have to look at what elements allow a player to hit the ball further. There are five things that influence power and distance:

  • Club head speed: How fast the club head is moving thru impact
  • Contact: How solid the ball is struck on the club face
  • Tension: The amount of tension on the body during the swing
  • Strength: Physical strength of the individual
  • Flexibility: Players range of motion capabilities

The first three elements are areas all players can improve on with the least amount of time and effort. Strength and Flexibility are the most difficult and most timely to see significant improvements.

Here are a couple Speed drills that can help you improve club head speed, contact, and tension within your swing.

L Drill: (Use a 7 iron with out a ball and a tee in the ground)

  • Take the club away until the lead arm is parallel to ground.
  • Set wrist and make the letter L with your lead arm and the club shaft.
  • For the forward swing let the arms and club drop toward the ground.
  • Snap the wrist at the tee until you make an L on the other side of the ball.
  • Start this slow so you can check your L positions on both sides.
  • After becoming comfortable with this start to speed it up.
  • Try to keep the club moving back and thru snapping the wrist at the tee on the forward and backward swing five or six times keeping the club in motion for all swings.
  • See how fast you can snap those wrists at the tee

Next time you are at the practice range try this drill with a ball on a tee.

Broom Drill:

  • Swing a broom like you would a golf club.
  • Swing it as hard as possible while maintaining balance.
  • 10 to 15 reps once a day.
  • This is a resistance drill that will build strength and speed.

The Lesson Tee…….
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until Next time………see you on the lesson tee.