Maximizing your game to your fullest potential:

When I watch amateur golfers on the golf course I see so many shots wasted due to poor judgment or trying to play a shot that is not realistic to ones skill level. Here are two simple ways to help you make good decisions and play to your strengths.

I see many amateurs struggle with not hitting enough club on their approach shots. This in turn will leave them the most dreaded shot in golf “the in between shot” which is not a full swing and not a simple chip shot close to the green.

A big shot saver you might try the next time you are on the golf course is to try and hit more club on your approach shots. For example, if I was going to hit an 8 iron from 160 yards I would hit the 7 iron instead, a longer and stronger lofted club. This will increase your chance of getting the ball pin high or hole high. If you accomplish this task you just made the next shot 100% easier.

You might keep track how many times during the round you get the ball past pin high to see how good you decision making skills are coming with club selection. Another shot saver would be to make sure you use a club you know you can hit solid and get in the air when know you can’t get to the green.

I see so many players try and try to hit low lofted clubs like 3 woods, 5 woods, or 3 irons from the ground with no success. These clubs are very difficult to hit solid and get up in the air even for the low handicap players, due to the low loft on the club.

We also need to remember we are hitting off of Bermuda grass. With Bermuda grass the ball will tend to sit down closer to the ground making these clubs even more difficult to hit. If you seem to have more success up north with these clubs it is because the grass is very different. The most prevalent northern grass is bent grass. This type of grass props the ball up much more and makes the longer clubs much easier to hit. It is almost like you have the ball teed up.

Don’t feel bad if you are struggling with these clubs. Join the club because 95% of all players are struggling along side of you. The next time you are on the golf course try a higher lofted club like a 7 wood or hybrid. If this doesn’t seem to do the trick try more loft until you find success. Just remember a solid wedge will always go further than a whiffed or chunked 3 wood.

Play for success not failure.

The Lesson Tee………
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time………see you on the lesson tee.