Posture is a term we are all very familiar with in our daily lives. Maintaining good posture allows the spine to hold the body up with the structure of the bones in the spine. When the shoulders slump or the spine curves from a standing or sitting position, the body has to shift into overdrive to compensate for being out of balance. The muscles of the body will now have to work over time to support the weight of the body.

The body works and functions at its best when the body is in Skeletal Balance. What is Skeletal Balance? This is simply putting the body in position to allow the bones to support the weight of the body with the least amount of stress on the muscles. In the sports arena, this is a highly important element. When the body is placed in Skeletal Balance, it has the best chance to remain balanced and perform movement to its highest potential.

Most players tend to have too much curve in their spine and or, too much flex in the knees at the address position. This will place the body out of balance before the swing has even begun.

To create Skeletal Balance, we need to learn how to bend correctly from the hip sockets, along with placing the right amount of flex in the knees at the address position.

Here is the sequence to getting into the perfect set up position. I call it “The Dance”, because it is like learning a new dance move!

  • Start from a standing position, while maintaining a straight spine with your chest out, hold the club out in front of you (arms fully extended) parallel to the ground.
  • Kick the butt out while maintaining a straight spine.
  • Let the arms drop separately until the club touches the ground.
  • The arms should now be hanging under the shoulders in front of your body.
  • Without the butt moving inward toward the ball, bend the knees slightly to maintain proper balance. (If you have too much flex in the knees, your butt will tuck under your torso causing you lose your spine angle or tilt).
  • Take a couple of waggles and let it rip!

Note: Practice your new dance move at home in front of a mirror or at the practice range and you will see very quickly how athletic and balanced it looks and feels. You are now in the optimal set up position, “Skeletal Balance”!

The Lesson Tee…….
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time………see you on the lesson tee.