Putt like the Tour Pros

When I watch the Tour Players on the putting green, there is one universal trait they all have in common. They all have great control over where the ball ends up after they have struck the putt. This is called speed control. Speed is the most important factor to becoming a solid putter. Speed will always trump line. For example: If you hit a putt off line by two feet and your speed is perfect you would only be two feet away solidifying a two putt. If you hit a putt perfectly on line, but your speed is off, you have just increased your chances of a three putt.

The good news for all of us is that we all have the ability to putt the ball as well as the Tour Professionals because it does not require extreme strength, flexibility, or speed, to make a putting stroke. The putting stroke is not about power and speed. It is all about controlling where the ball ends up after the putt has been struck.

In order to have good speed we must first learn how to move the putter correctly on both sides of the ball. I like to call it “Smooth to Smooth”. The putter should have the same tempo on both sides of the ball. Here is a great way to work on this element.

Right Hand Only Tempo Drill: “Smooth to Smooth” (right handed player)

  • Grab your putter, a tee, and three golf balls and head to the practice green.
  • Place the tee in the ground any where on the practice green.
  • Drop the golf balls down on the green fifteen feet from the tee.
  • Hold the putter in the right hand only while placing your left hand behind your back.
  • Make two practice strokes trying to emulate a smooth stroke on both sides “Smooth to Smooth”.
  • Hit three putts towards the tee trying to stop each ball as close to the tee as possible.
  • Try same process from different locations around the tee. For example: You might try an uphill, downhill, and side hill putts.
  • Move tee to a new location and repeat process from a longer distance.

The only way to sharpen your skills is to put time and effort into the process. I challenge you all to spend more time on the putting green to work on your “Speed Control”.

The Lesson Tee……..
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time……..see you on the lesson tee.