How to lower your putting average

Are you tired of those brain numbing three putts that drive you nuts on the golf course? To most players putting seems to be the easiest part of the game therefore there is really no need to practice this skill. In reality this is 30 to 40% of your score. The average player averages 36 plus putts per round. If we reduce this average to a realistic 30 putts per round we would see a dramatic drop in individual scores. For example, that 94 you shot the other day POOF is now an 88. Sounds pretty good huh?

I guess you are asking how we are going to lower our putting average. It all comes down to the rhythm of the stroke. The most important in-swing fundamental is to swing the putter with a smooth tempo on both sides of the ball. Most amateurs struggle with putting because of changing tempos during the stroke.

For instance you might see a player with a short smooth backswing and very quick follow through or on the other hand you might see a player with a fast back swing and slow decelerating follow through. To achieve smooth tempo on both sides of the ball let the length of stroke match the length of putt. As the putt gets longer so does the length of your putting stroke. This will allow the player to maintain solid tempo creating good speed and control. A good rule of thumb to always remember is good speed always trumps accuracy.

Now that you have learned the secrets to better putting get out your putter and try this smooth tempo on both sides of the ball.

The Lesson Tee…..
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time see you on the lesson tee.