Short Game Mentality:

When a player faces a shot that is too short to hit with a full swing and too far for a chip shot you are in the feel shot zone. This is the most awkward shot in golf because it requires so much touch and feel along with solid technique.

Most players struggle with shot because they attempt to hit this shot with a full swing mentality with a wide stance, full backswing, and then try to slow the club down enough to hit it the correct distance. You add all that up and you spell disaster for this style of shot!

When you recognize you are in the feel zone the first thing you should remember is this is not going to be a full swing. Narrow your stance to half its normal size Lean 70% of weight into the lead foot or foot that is closer to the hole. Make a swing that matches the length of the shot Strike the ball first with a downward blow and a abbreviate finish holding on to impact. (The handle should remain ahead of the clubface even past impact). Always accelerate the club head into the ball (NO DECELERATION!)

Slope Drill:

A great drill for all of you to try is to find an up slope on the range and hit these types of shots. Lean into the hill with a narrow stance and feel the club hit into the ball and then hit the turf. The hill will allow you to feel what it is like to hold on to impact past the ball and also feel an abbreviated finish position. Use a sand wedge or pitching wedge when you are working on this shot.

The Lesson Tee……..
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time……..see you on the lesson tee.