Arm and hand position at address:

This fundamental is critical to a solid set up position. If you can remember to let the arms hang under your chest at address, you have taken the first step to a perfect arm and hand position. Most players don’t allow their arms to hang under their chest at address position; they will stretch the arms out too far away from the body to get to the ball, press the hands too far forward, or push the hands down too close to the ground. Placing the arms or hands in these positions will create poor set up position resulting in poor swing mechanics.

The key to perfect arm position is to make sure the arms have room to hang under the chest. To build this space, the butt has to be kicked out so the torso can tilt toward the ball. This will allow space for the arms to hang under the shoulders. Now, all you have to do is allow the arms to remain in a hanging position, grip the club and swing away.

If you set up too upright or without enough tilt your arms will have no room to hang under the shoulders, causing the player to reach out to get to the ball. Players in this set up position will fight hitting on top of the ball or hitting behind the ball.

If a player presses their hands excessively forward at address, the shoulders will now be out of alignment. They would be open to the target or aligned too far to the left. This will also, shift too much weight into the lead foot or the foot closest to the target. Players in this set up position will hit slices and pulls with “unwelcome” regularity.

If a player pushes their hands excessively down (closer to the ground) at address, the overall posture shrinks in height. This will bring the torso or body too close to the ground. This set up position hinders the ability to use the legs effectively throughout the swing. The player’s hands and arms will now have to absorb the brunt of the work load during the swing. Additionally, this creates a very handsy motion. Players in this set up position will tend to hit thin shots or shots low on the clubface.

If you find yourself in one of these poor set up positions all you need to remember is “get that butt out and let those arms hang under your chest”. No more forcing those hand or arms into poor positions!!!

The Lesson Tee……
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf

Until next time…..see you on the lesson tee.