We all have heard the word tempo in regards to golf. When I hear the word tempo I think of some of the great tempos on the tour like Fred Couples, Ernie Els, Steve Elkington, and Tom Purtzer. It almost looks as if they are swinging in slow motion it is so smooth.

What can we learn from these players? The best element we can take away from these players is the effortless power and free movement of the body and club during the entire swing. They have the unique ability to swing the club with a constant rhythm on both sides of the ball.

I see most players with changing tempos during their golf swing. For example, a slow backswing and explosive forward swing or a quick jerking motion away from the ball and unbalanced follow through.

Here are a couple of ways to improve your tempo.

One club to different distances:
Grab a 7 iron and some tees and head to the range. Use tees for all these shots and make full swings for all the yardages.
Hit 5 shots to 50 yards
Hit 5 shot to 75 yards
Hit 5 shot to 100 yards
Hit 5 shot to 125 yards

Tick tock clock drill:
Keep the 7 iron in your hands now swing the club in front of you with your feet together back and through continuously. Don’t let it stop moving on either side. Keep it moving!!! It will feel like a clock “tick tock, tick tock, tick tock”. Try and club head to tick and tock where the ball would be. This will help you feel what it is like to move the club with a solid rhythm and effortless motion. Start out doing this without a ball and then try the same thing with a ball on a tee.

The Lesson Tee……..
By Director of Instruction, Andy Scott School of Golf, PGA Staff Golf Professional

Until next time……see you on the lesson tee